About Revive Yoga

About Revive Yoga



somatic yoga teacher in Auckland


I started practicing yoga in 2007, after my osteopath suggested it would help my back.  He was absolutely right, and in making this recommendation he did himself out of business because I have barely had to visit an osteopath since.

I’m a physically active person but – like so many people – my day job involves lots of sitting and plenty of stress.  Despite practicing yoga for more than a decade, as I entered my fifties I was starting to find that the more I tried to stretch out my muscles, the tighter they got.

It was frustrating because I felt my yoga practice was going backwards.

That’s when I discovered the power of  somatic yoga, which releases muscles, complementing the stretching and strengthening benefits that other types of yoga practices offer.

Gentle and somatic yoga workshops in Auckland

All of my yoga workshops draw upon Hanna somatics principals.  Hanna somatics is a gentle, safe form of yoga that involves re-educating your brain in the way it senses and controls muscles for movement.  It’s ideal for helping to resolve chronic pain and also works for all kinds of stress, injury, and movement problems.  The workshops also draw upon some of the more familiar yoga styles such as Hatha and Astanga.

Somatic yoga can be practiced by people of all ages, and is ideal for everyone from those who have never tried yoga – to experienced practitioners.  What’s more, its principles can be applied to other types of yoga practice, such as Hatha, Astanga, Yin and Iyenga yoga.

Want to know more?  Take a look at my  Happy Backs, Happy Hips and Happy Necks and Shoulders workshops.