Gentle yoga workshops

Gentle yoga workshops

At present I offer workshops that focus on yoga for three general muscle groups:

Happy Neck and Shoulders yoga workshops

Learn how to loosen up your neck and shoulders, and discover some handy muscle releases you can sneak in while working at your desk.  This workshop focuses on  is suitable for everyone from complete beginners, to experienced yogis.  Find out more…

Happy Backs yoga workshops

This gentle yoga workshop is ideal for people who want to release tight back muscles.  At this workshop you will discover how to walk taller, feel lighter and move more freely – all without breaking a sweat!  Find out more…

Happy Hips yoga workshops

Find out about common contributors to hip tightness, and discover some gentle, simple hip releases that you can do at home. Find our more…

All are gentle yoga workshops that will help you walk taller, feel lighter and de-stress – all without breaking a sweat.

Answers to commonly-asked questions about Revive Yoga’s gentle yoga workshops


Q.  Does it matter if I’ve never done yoga before?

A. Not at all.  Revive Yoga’s workshops are suitable for all ages and stages – from complete beginners, to experienced yoga practitioners.

Q. My back / neck / shoulders / hips are really sore at the moment so is it ok to do a gentle yoga workshop?

A. If you register for a workshop then please be sure to let me know if you are experiencing pain so I can discuss your situation with you in more detail before making a recommendation about whether or not to proceed.

If you are experiencing stiffness or the type of pain that is typically associated with tight muscles then that will probably not be an issue.  However, if you are experiencing acute (sharp, intense) pain (for example, you put your back ‘out’ the other day) or have pain associated with a recent injury, then please consult with your physiotherapist or health professional before registering.

Q. Are the gentle yoga workshops suitable for pregnant women?

A. Most of the exercises are suitable for pregnant women, however some workshops include exercises that involve lying on the stomach and / or back so should not be done after the first trimester.  Please let me know if you are pregnant when registering for a workshop so I can discuss it with you and offer you alternative exercises during the workshop.